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We provide equity loans to home buyers
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We could increase your homebuying budget by up to £100k

No early repayment charges

Flexible, with no hidden fees. Pay a little more, or settle when you want

Buy anywhere

We’ll lend where you want to buy, anywhere in England or Wales

We could increase your homebuying budget by up to £100k


Traditionally, banks will lend you 4.5x your income



We could boost your budget to 6x your income



Increase in budget with Ahauz = £
The calculations are for illustration purposes only and any lending will be subject to our Mortgage Terms and Conditions

With an Ahauz equity loan, you can choose from more homes

Help to Buy only does new builds, we are available for pre-owned homes.

Pick the property that gives you the lifestyle you want. Whether that’s watching Netflix in your Victorian Semi, or assembling flatpack in your Modern Scandinavian - we’ve got the rest of the market covered.

How it works

Check your budget and find a home

Use our calculator to calculate how much we could increase your budget and start searching a home that fits you

We contribute up to 25% of your home value

You need to contribute at least a 5% deposit and get a mortgage for the remaining value of the property

It’s your home

Enjoy all the bells and whistles that come with being a home owner

You can repay Ahauz’s loan at any time

(no early repayment charges)

What’s the catch?

No catch, just transparency.

You will pay an interest rate on our contribution each month.

We win when you win. When you pay us back, we share in the increase in the property value based on our contribution.

We share your risk too. If the value of your property goes down, we’ll also share the loss based on our contribution.

Whats next?

Find out how much more you could afford with Ahauz’s help, and start your journey today.

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