We are on a mission to empower people through home ownership.

We are helping to remove the barriers to getting on and moving up the property ladder. We provide equity loans to help you get the home you really want, whether it’s your first home or your next home.

Is an Ahauz equity loan right for me?


I have a low deposit

Ahauz could increase your purchasing options even with a 5% deposit, enabling you to find the home you want.


The bank will not lend me more than 4.5x income

Ahauz could allow you to borrow up to 6x your salary. Meaning you no longer have to compromise between the extra bedroom and the location you want.

Afford More

We could increase your homebuying budget by up to £100k

No early repayment charges

Flexible, with no hidden fees. Pay a little more, or settle when you want

Buy anywhere

We’ll lend where you want to buy, anywhere in England or Wales
Why choose us?
A trusted partner
By partnering with Ahauz, you could get on the property ladder sooner than you think, and live where you really want to
Fast decisions with a personal touch
The home buying journey is difficult enough, we'll take a human approach to lending and get back to you within 48hrs
Fair and transparent
We work with a network of trusted mortgage advisors who will ensure that you get the product that is the right fit for you

We have a human approach

Getting the home you want shouldn’t be complicated and time consuming.

We are easy.
Our solution is simple.
Our team is human.
We are a phone call away.