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Don’t get trapped by your fixed rate

Did you know that people who locked in their rates 6 months ago are saving £120* on average on their monthly mortgage payment?

Know Your Numbers

Use our free tools to calculate how much you could save by remortgaging early, especially before interest rates go up

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Don’t wait for your broker or lender to call you. We will update you constantly on the best time to secure your remortgage deal. For Free. Forever.

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Lock It

Why wait for your fixed rate to end and pay more later? Use your home's equity to lock in a lower interest rate now

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Our Mission

Ahauz unlocks home wealth for everyone. We empower people by making home equity trackable and accessible.

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"Excellent and fast service. Ahauz is very transparent. The process is very easy."


"We had a brilliant experience with Greg who was helpful and communicative at every point. Very knowledgeable on all aspects and easily reachable at all times."


"Great service from start to finish. Very friendly all the way through from initial call to mortgage offer."


"I haven't yet found my desired property, the service and support so far has been great on the journey."


"I couldn't be more thankful for an amazing and positive experience. Many thanks, Ahauz!"


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